RSS: Ad-Free Personalized Daily News

RSS icons superimposed on a newspaper background

I get my daily news ad-free and tailored to my personal preferences thanks to RSS. You can do the same and it doesn't take much effort to set up. You can even get access to some paywalled content this way, from publications such as The Atlantic and The Economist.

With RSS (Really Simple Syndication) I subscribe to publications and have articles delivered in a way similar to how podcast episodes magically appear on our devices. The format has struggled to gain popularity because companies have mostly failed to find ways to monetize it. Flipboard is the exception - their app serves up RSS content from a multitude of publications, but it injects its own advertising between the articles.

Here are the only two things you need to set up to get it running ..

Inoreader Inoreader
Website | iOS App
The free version Inoreader account should be fine for most people, including myself. Use it to create your own collection of RSS publications by bringing your own, or by using Inoreader's search function. I also like how I can group publications by subject, so I can choose between reading mixed articles and focusing on a particular subject.

Inoreader Lire
iOS App
Publishers started serving incomplete articles when they realised that RSS users weren't visiting their ad-supported websites, and this is evident when using most feed readers, including Inoreader's own product. Lire however, is an iOS only app that has a special talent of being able to replace partial feeds into complete articles. I'm not aware of an Android equivalent unfortunately.

Finding content feeds is already easy with Inoreader, but in case you're interested I've listed some of my own favorite feeds below. If you want you could download this list as a XML file and import it directly into Inoreader in an instant.

Design & Inspiration
Abduzeedo Design |
Colossal |
Core77 |
Design Milk |
Dezeen |
Present & Correct |
Street Art Utopia |

Brain Pickings |
Cool Tools |
Digital Photography School | |
Longreads |
MetaFilter |
The New Yorker | | |
Film School Rejects |

BBC News - US & Canada |
The Atlantic: News |
NPR News |
Politifact |
Quartz |
The Economist: The World |
The Economist: US |
Vox |

Science & Space
Astronomy Picture of the Day |
NASA Image of the Day |
Nautilus |
Popular Science |
Quanta Magazine |
The Atlantic: Science |

Ars Technica |
Engadget |
Slashdot |
TechCrunch |
The Register |
Wired |

The Flight Deal | Boston |
The Guardian: Travel |
Trailspotting |

Virtual Reality
Library of Realities |
Oculus Blog |
Road to VR |
UploadVR |